About us

We are adventurers, and logisticians

Naturalists Northwest is an outdoor logistics company ready for your group's next adventure. We provide catering and logistics for any outdoor location.

Our Mission

We spent time working in dozens of the wildest places in America and pride ourselves in the professional approach we take when visiting the most remote parts of the country.

Our experience guiding outdoors assures that you won't just have a couple cooks, but industry trained logisticians, lifelong outdoors educators, and field-tested Wilderness First Responders.

  • Outdoor Catering
  • Environmental Education Programs
  • Custom Client Designed Trips
  • Specializing in Remote Locations

Adventure travel in the American West is learned. The skills to read the right map can mean finding the perfect swimming hole, rather than circling for hours. Understanding the permit systems in National Parks can lead to dreamscape campsites rather than noisy, sleepless nights.

Meet our team

Diversified, experienced, professionals
The quest for adventure has taken our team to the corners of the most wild places in North America. Let's just say they get things done in the out-of-doors.

Ian Farquhar

Logistician, Guide


Energy level at any given time

95% Complete

Extreme problem solving abilities

98% Complete

Having spent his early years in Bend, Oregon Ian Farquhar learned the rewards of adventure at a young and imressionable age. With the mighty Three Sisters of the Cascades visable from just about any part of town it was hard for Ian to not begin to explore the alpine country of Central Oregon. Since that time he has devoted his life to adventuring and educating in wild places across the globe.

Michelle McRory

Owner, Logistician, Guide


Coffee Brewing Magic

94% Complete

Task management & patience

97% Complete

Born, grown, and educated in the wild Pacific Northwest Michelle McRory has no trouble seeking adventures. For nearly a decade, she has traversed the Northern Hemisphere looking for new places to explore. She's climbed towering unknown cliffs in China. She's biked and camped across Ireland but her largest adventures may have been while guiding others in the American Southwest.

Our services

Flexible Programming

Your program can be as unique as you want to make it, and NNW will help guide the design every step of the way.

Preservation & Recreation

NNW is devoted to creating a positive outdoor experience without a big footprint by using Leave No Trace principles.

Outdoor catering

Our focus is on meals that help one recover from a long hike, or prepare them for an exciting day. NNW incorporates local and fresh foods into each menu.

Simply Good Company

NNW is excited to welcome your group of adventurers to camp, serve a nutritious meal, and hear stories from minds that share in the common goal of preservation.

Groups big & small

We cater and provide outdoor programming for for all groups - family reunions, employee trainings, environmental education trips, and more.

5 star support

NNW is your base-camp. We are industry trained logisticians, lifelong outdoors educators, and field-tested Wilderness First Responders.